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Dasotomic is a company that was born in 2017 in order to enhance the experience of playing guitar through the exploration of shapes and materials that are combined in implements and musical instruments that seek to improve the musician's experience when composing and playing. .

After an accident in his right hand, Alejandro Sánchez, creator of Dasotomic, could not hold the common picks again for a long time, so he began to manufacture his own picks with CD`s, bottles and other materials, these being a lot thicker than regular picks, later on and after starting her studies in Industrial Design at El Bosque University in Bogotá, Natalia Mariño joins the Dasotomic team.

For 2019 we decided to include new products to the brand, explore lutheria and mix it with industrial design (focused on the manufacture of guitars and ukuleles). It has been a project in which love for our work has made quality and craftsmanship value have become the basis of our company, likewise we hope to become a benchmark for innovation and development of artisan musical instruments in the greatest quantity possible from markets worldwide

Our picks stopped being just picks and became an experience.

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