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  • PiXY

    Introducing the PiXY, the latest innovation in guitar picks from Dasotomic. This cutting-edge pick is crafted using a combination of 3D printing and manual techniques to achieve an excellent finish. The PiXY is ultra-lightweight, allowing for fast and precise playing, while its innovative design provides an exceptional grip. Say goodbye to slips and slides with the PiXY in your hand, and experience a new level of control and comfort while playing. Don't settle for ordinary picks when the PiXY offers unmatched performance and quality.


    • Thickness: 5mm
    • Color: Stock
    • Engraving: n/a

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      Todos nuestros picks son fabricados a mano, cuidamos cada detalle para que a tus manos llegue un producto totalmente único.

      Recuerda que No manejamos stock, cada pick es fabricado bajo pedido. 

      Los precios son por unidad.

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